I am a parent on TikTok

I am a parent on TikTok

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I am a parent on TikTok

Tiktok is a social networking app that replaced the famous musical.ly app when it went offline in 2017. Tiktok gives its users the ability to watch and create short clips of up to 60 seconds.

Any new technology goes through several phases before it is put to the right use. We have faced and seen through these phases with YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Tiktok is now a powerful medium to reach the masses. Tiktok has enabled everyone with passion. Gone are the days when artists / actors went hunting for an opportunity.

I have been an ardent user of the app for various content creations

I have been an ardent user of the app for various content creations. This being said, there has been a lot of criticism against the app, with kids and teenagers being exposed to adult content. Tiktok like any other app, is now in the initial phase of its lifetime. Users are still figuring out the right use of the app. This phase will end, and only good content creators will exist.

Tiktok is being blamed and criticized for a variety of reasons. I believe it is the technology that is to be blamed rather than the app itself. We have Halo & Sharechat entering the market. Technology is like a knife, in the hands of a chef you can make a tasty meal.

As a parent our fight is with technology. Unfortunately, however we try to restrict the exposure it invariably reaches the kids. Hence it is our onus to educate our kids the responsible use of technology or if we cant, restrict them from personal use of digital devices.

Tiktok is just the beginning. More apps are to follow. As users, let us put these tools to good use and teach our kids to do the best out of it

Content was the next Big Thing. Content is the next Big Thing. Content will be the next Big Thing.

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