How to Successfully Get Your Children To Bed

Trying to get your child to bed at night is one big struggle.

Here are Some tips to successfully get your child into bed at night, without any of the fuss.

Read them a story at bedtime.
This is something they love and helps them to wind down and relax.

If you find it difficult, search for John Pradeep JL stories on YouTube or Spotify.

I tell them bedtime stories.

Click here for the stories:

Give them a drink to go to bed with, therefore there is no need for them to wake up middle of the night.
This drink is always milk with protein mix in our house

Have a quick fun family prayer time

Make their bedrooms/ Beds their own little palace.
A place that they want to spend time, a place which they find fun, relaxing, and comfortable.

Hear music and therefore play a tape of their favorite songs in the room.
The volume is set quite low and this certainly helps them to get to sleep quite quickly.

It’s not about getting them to wake up early. It’s about putting them to sleep early

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