Engaging Children is not your job

Engaging Children is not your job

I manage a WhatsApp group ‘The Parents Support Network’. This group started off with a casual phone conversation and today we have 150 members. The members actively support each other on everything Parenting.

One of our latest and most discussed topics is ‘Keeping Children Engaged’. Let us approach this the Montessori way which I learnt during my stint as a school teacher. Montessori psychology is based on the premise that children are capable of learning by themselves much more than it was generally believed. As a parent you need schedule to spend ‘Game Time’ with your children or buy toys from time to time to keep them engaged. Children are naturally curious and often figure out their own games.

This lockdown has put us in a place where parents are taking it on themselves to keep kids engaged. Parents keep complaining that their child is bored; and we have had a few parents asking for game ideas for children as their wards keep pestering them on what game do they play next.

I urge all the parents to let the child feel the boredom, they will overcome the feeling and come up with various ways of keeping themselves occupied. The children would pick up kitchen utensils, old bags, chairs, tables and what not. It was only us who told them play time is with the toys and once they got bored of one, we got them another.

If at all you are still stuck and want to direct your child towards a healthy play time here are 5 ideas for your children to create games with

  1. Jumping & Running
  2. Throwing and catching
  3. Sitting & Building
  4. Roleplaying
  5. Competition

Once the children come up with games, the parents need to participate in the games and follow their rules. Parents are mere participants while the children are the masters of the game. Please also be prepared to lose with your children, this makes them happy. This participation – competition mode will create a healthy and happy playtime valued by the children.

Happy Children make Happy Families!

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